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"Getting healthy from the inside out" -ms-







Golden Chakra

Personal Training 

Energy Healing


Card Reading

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Discover your inner strength and gain

control of your life combining mindset, physical health and spiritual connections.  



Do you feel stuck in your current life – do you suffer from anxiety and depression? Have you 

lost sight of who you really are, or you’ve

lost your spark and you’re just not sure how to

get it back – I have just the program for you.


What do we do??  We get healthy from the

inside out. With my life coaching services

paired with exceptional nutritional guidance

and spiritual mentoring, I help people like you find your inner strength, learn how to become your own leading life authority, connecting to your higher self, changing the way you view your health and your happiness.  With my Mindset Makeovers you will learn to look at life through new eyes, changing your perspective on how your life unfolds and the purpose behind it all.  It's not about what happens in life that matters it's how you choose to handle it that makes you who you are.  

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Customized personal training programs available. 

Strength training, HIIT training, boxing, resistance training, teen training,  yoga, group and buddy sessions. 

Your Ultimate Lifestyle Coach, combining
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Healing Energy Work

Many of us carry around old, stale, toxic energy without even realizing it.  Side effects of this energy  can be anxiety, depression, overthinking,  inability to focus, irrational emotional responses, anger, resentment, negative  mindset, feelings of sadness and frustration.

By clearing this negative energy and balancing your  7 chakras (energy centers) you will gain clarity, feel more centered and grounded, leaving your session  with an over all feeling of enlightenment. 

Image by Jen Theodore

Spiritual Card Reading 

Spiritual enlightenment guides you through major life decisions, gives you clarity ,  allowing  you to refocus on your chosen  path, using messages from your angels, guides and universal energies.  Lift your spirits,  gain clarity, connect with loves ones and give your worries to the angels.   You are not alone on this journey.

Get a glimpse into your future and the direction you are being urged to take..

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