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Meet Morgan 

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Welcome to the transformative world of holistic health and wellness! As a Health and Wellness Coach, Fitness Coach, Life Coach, and Nutrition Coach I epitomize a comprehensive approach to well-being. Certified in each domain, I seamlessly integrate various facets of wellness, spanning mental and physical health, smoking cessation, habit formation, and goal achievement. As a Wellness Coach, I guide my clients through transformative journeys encompassing mental resilience,  emotional well-being and physical fitness . My expertise extends to assisting individuals in setting and attaining health and weight goals, while also facilitating future planning and envisioning a life of fulfillment and purpose. Through personalized strategies and unwavering support, I empower clients to embrace holistic wellness, transcend limitations, and cultivate sustainable habits for a vibrant and thriving life.

Healthy Transformation
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Mindset, Nutrition and Movement

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Why Naturopathy

Did you know...

Why Holistic?   

Image by Brooke Lark


Did you know your gut is considered your second brain??

One of the first things you want to look at when working on your overall health starts with your gut. 


Did you know chronic fatigue is one of the first symptoms of an imbalance?? 

There are many causes that can lead to chronic fatigue, from hormone imbalance to endocrine dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and more...


Did you know that your body holds toxins from more than just chemicals? Affecting your physical and mental state. 

Your environment is filled with toxicity.  From the foods you eat, drinks you consume, people you spend time with, places we go, even our mindset. 

Whole Body Health

Whole Body Health is a lifestyle.  With the right mindset you can change your life both mentally and physically.  Your health starts with habits, routines, awareness, consistency and the desire to be the very best version of yourself!  

Weight Loss

Did you know your body can hear your thoughts?  

Self-talk is a fundamental key to making the physical changes you want.  Self-love starts with how you treat your body.  Clean eating, juicing, movement, and positive self-talk will allow your body to transform in ways you never thought possible. 


Did you know stress can and will sabotage your goals?? 

Stress is the worst thing for you mentally and physically.  Adopting healthy lifestyle means learning new ways of coping with stress.  Whole Body Health is about changing the way you move through life.  You no longer let stress get the best of you.  A healthy body is a happy body! 

Are you ready for your "Mindset Makeover"? 


“Before I started working with Morgan, I was insecure, struggling with digestive health, feeling low, stressed and unhappy. Nothing felt balanced. Since I have started working with Morgan, my confidence has skyrocketed. I feel empowered, I have learned to appreciate my strengths and love myself completely.  I now make myself a priority, I hold my self accountable.  I’ve learned to connect my nutrition directly to how I feel and my mindset has completely changed, I am more relaxed, confident and positive.   Bottom line MORGAN IS AMAZING!”
- Natalia -

— Monique Hale



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