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The 7 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Challenge

Your intro into my 90 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Signature System.  You will learn how to become mindful in every decision you make.  With my mini "mindset makeover" you will start to see things from a different perspective and a new attitude, leading to positive results.  You will learn how to successfully set and reach your goals, holding yourself accountable, bringing you to success!   You will learn how to approach your health with confidence and ease. You will have a new understanding of exercise and how you can incorporate movement in your daily living. 

Get your new year started off right with the confidence that you now have the tools to reach any goal you set, and the knowledge to make healthy lifestyles choices without restricting yourself. You will feel great, have more energy, healthier relationships and bigger dreams! 

7 Day line up -

Day 1 - Mindset - mindfulness, mindset makeover, keeping a journal
Day 2 - Nutrition 101 - covering basic nutrition, fads & food myths, food packaging
Day 3 - Movement - Health benefits to adding movement,
Day 4 - Mindset - How to use your Journal, visualizing, manifesting your dreams, understanding the Law of Attraction
Day 5 - Nutrition - Understanding supplements, top 5 suggested supplements, gut health
Day 6 - Movement - Benefits of strength training, why functional training is so important, chronic pain conditions,
Day 7 - Tie it all together - Understanding why mindset is so important when it comes to reaching your goals. Covering how mindset, nutrition and exercise all connect. Sharing the achievements you have made throughout the week!

You will have access to our private Facebook group where all of the information and videos will be posted and hosted. This is a forum for everyone to participate, support, encourage and entertain each other. We are all here for the same reason, and that's to learn the tricks to reduce stress and anxiety, have better relationships with ourselves and others, look and feel better, become more successful and be happy. This can be done through mindset, nutrition and movement. Everyone is encouraged to post , engage, ask questions, share recipes etc.I will be doing a live video each night at 8 pm giving lots of great information

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