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  • Spiritual Mentor

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A glimpse into life coaching 

90 Day's to the Ultimate Life  

  • Evaluate – First step starts with evaluating your life through my Life Balance workbook. You will be looking at all aspects of your life; family, career, relationships, finances, spiritually and emotionally.

  • Get Clear – Gain clarity on what is holding you back; keeping you in that funk.

  • Discovery - we will uncover your role in allowing your emotions and surroundings to control your life.

  • Breakthrough – we will bust through those limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks

  • Re boot your hard drive – We will install a NEW mindset. NEW ways of thinking.We flip your thoughts, so you are now in alignment with your new life goals and success.

  • Find your voice – Learn to listen to your inner voice, your intuition.STOP trying to be who you think your supposed to be and START being true to yourself.

  • Self-Declaration – No more expectations! You will STOP putting expectations on yourself and stop listening to outside influencers.START designing your own life.This is called HAPPY and FULFILLED. Remove all limitations.

  • Take action – Standards and Boundaries, taking action on creating the life you love.Close one door before you open another.Create space in your life, emotional and physical allowing room for your health and well-being.

  • Adopt new energy – Eliminate Stress and anxiety for good by adopting a new healthy, balanced lifestyle.

  • Live the ultimate lifestyle – Believe in yourself, feel confident in the work you have put in.Value yourself and your choices.Stay committed and love yourself.

Spiritual Connections 

  • Clear negative energy and balance your chakras

  • Master the art of meditation

  • Learn how to heal through compassion, forgiveness and humility

  • Allow your higher self to merge into your life making you more wise, intuitive and closer to your divine right

  • Connect your current life situation good or bad to your life path

  • Learn to listen and trust your intuition 

  • Feel confident that your prayers are being answered

  • Learn how to use divine energy when making life decision 

Who is the 90 Day Ultimate Lifestyle for?? 

90 Day's to the Ultimate life is for those who are ready to give 110% to turning their lives around with my 'MINDSET MAKEOVER"  where we reprogram your thoughts, turning obstacles into opportunities.  Reconnect with your natural spiritual self, there you will finding meaning in your life and your life purpose. 

                 Who struggle with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem

                 Who feel life is controlling their days and emotions

                 Who feel they have lost their identity

                 Who lack motivation and skills to make or reach future goals

                 Who are dealing with health / digestive / chronic pain issues

                 Who are ready to commit themselves to making major lifestyle changes

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