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Program includes 

  • one 1 hr focus session per week - to keep you on track with your goals and accountable to your commitments 

  • One Spiritual reading with each session - giving you confirmation that you are moving in the right direction to getting the things you want most 

  • Email with full session - to review and use as a reminder for the week,  along with the "homework" keeping you engaged and clear on what steps to take to better your current situation 

  • Your own personal deck of affirmation cards - used as simple reminders to start your day with positive self talk. This plays a key role in your "mindset makeover" 

How your life will change in just 90 day's!

  • Gain Clarity and in-site into your life situation

  • Learn to reprogram your thoughts turning obstacles into opportunities with my "mindset makeover" 

  • Set and reach your goals creating a successful future

  • Learn mediation and other techniques that will help reduce stress, anxiety and emotional distress

  • Connect and listen to your intuition leading you to your life purpose 

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